Easter Bunny

Tra un po’ sarà Pasqua e noi non ci faremo certo mancare la caccia alle uova di Pasqua, abbiamo già pronto un nuovo cestino ricicloso da decorare, nel frattempo vi lascio con la canzoncina tipica del coniglietto pasquale.

Easter Bunny – by M. Josephine Todd

There’s a story quite funny,

About a toy bunny,

And the wonderful things she can do;

Every bright Easter morning,

Without warning,

She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.


Some she covers with spots,

Some with quaint little dots,

And some with strange mixed colors, too

— Red and green, blue and yellow,

But each unlike his fellow

Are eggs of every hue.


And it’s odd, as folks say,

That on no other day

In all of the whole year through,

Does this wonderful bunny,

So busy and funny,

Color eggs of every hue.


If this story you doubt

She will soon find you out,

And what do you think she will do?

On the next Easter morning

She’ll bring you without warning,

Those eggs of every hue.