Prova! Com’é?

Alla scuola HD di Sorrento i bambini hanno iniziato una nuova attività.

L’insegnante li benda e gli chiede di dire com’è l’odore o il sapore di quello che gli viene proposto, in inglese naturalmente!

Lemon are sour, Lollipops are sweet, Crips are salty, and Onion make me weep!

Mustard is hot, Curry is spicy, Parsley is bitter. Which tastes do you like?

The story …

Prova! Com’é?

What does Kangi like to eat?

One day, Kangi goes to visit Ronnie at is home.

Ronnie in eating lunch.

“What do kangaroos eat?” Ronnie asks Kangi.

I’m a red kangaroo, says Kangi. “I eat grass and leaves.

But I want to taste your lunch. It looks tasty.”

“That’s lemon”, says Ronnie.

“Uuugh! It’s sour! I don’t like lemons.”

“That’s a chip” says Ronnie.

“Uuugh! It’s salty! I don’t like chips”.

“Do you want some chocolate?” asks Ronnie. “It’s sweet.”

“Er. No, thank you. Kangaroos like bitter food – grass and leaves.