Una poesia in inglese per le mamme

Mancano pochi giorni alla festa della mamma e oggi vorrei condividere con voi qualcosa a cui tengo molto, con la speranza di farvi cosa gradita. Lo scorso anno ho scritto qualche riga su quello che è per me essere mamma.

Una lettrice del mio blog è stata poi così carina da tradurla in inglese e poichè per me è stato un regalo bellissimo, vorrei condividerlo con voi.

I love. I think. I feel. I dream: I´m a MOM

I love
I love to observe you unnoticed
The taste of your kisses as I wake up in the morning
Those big eyes seeking me among the others.
I love to hear you breathing in the middle of the night
The roar just one smile of yours can make
And every time you just call me “MOM”

I think
I think about what´s left of that day, my little one,
When you came to the world
A vague yet very intense remembrance
Turning everything into a dream
As if it has never happened to me.
That day, screaming your love from the deep,
Coming to life you gave birth to another me.

I feel
After that, depression
And at the end, another confusing impulse
That feels like real happiness to me.
I feel the joy that lifts me up
The concern of not being good enough
The hope you will be proud of me.

And I dream
If you tell me you love me I get confused.
I observe us two in a photo and
I can´t distinguish the borders between us.
I get lost.
I look at you and in your eyes I discover
A world turning inside of me and a bit around.

Growing you up, I`m growing together with you.

I love. I think. I feel. I dream.I´m a MOM.

Buona festa della mamma a tutte… noi.