La frutta è molto importante, ce lo ricordano i nutrizionisti e i medici di continuo. Mio Figlio Second l’adora la  preferisce perfino ai dolci, credo di non aver trovato ancora nessun tipo di frutta che non gli piaccia, al contrario del fratello First per il quale il massimo della trasgressione è mangiarsi una pera invece di una mela 🙁 Ho trovato questa canzone sulla frutta, non si sa mai magari vede tutti tipi di frutta che esistono e s’ispira a provarne di nuovi 😉

Fruits and berries summer brings

Let’s count them: 1,2,3.

In the garden

Where fruit trees grow

Put your baskets in a row.


I see an apple on the tree

It’s so good for you and me.

The apple’s shining in the sun

On this branch there’s only one.



One apple


Look at the pears nice and ripe

Take them quickly for the pie.

They are ready just for you

On this branch there are two.



Two pears


I see some plums on that branch,

I’ll eat them all at my lunch.

Don’t leave these fruits on the tree

Count together, there are three



Three plums


I see some apricots, bright and soft

I like these fruits most of all

Take them all, let’s find some more

On this branch there are four:



Four apricots


In the garden I see some cherries

How many of them for me to carry?

So sweet like honey in a hive

Count with me, there are five



Five cherries


How many peaches you can see?

They are delicious as can be.

Count them all, no more tricks

High on that branches there are six



Six peaches


I’ve noticed something on the ground

It’s big and yellow, sweet and round.

Let’s take a look! Oh, it’s a melon

Not only one, there are seven



Seven melons


I know raspberries are also healthy

They are so red and fresh and tasty

Put them quickly on my plate

On that bush there are eight



Eight raspberries


There are also blackberries in front of you

I need these berries for making juice

Put them all in a line

Count with me, there are nine



Nine blackberries


How many strawberries? Find them please.

They are hiding under the leaves.

Count the berries. Oh, you can!

How many of them? There are ten



Ten strawberries


Fruit and berries summer brings

We’ve counted them: 1,2,3.

Let’s make some jam and apple mousse

And cherry tart and pear juice.


Qui troverete le flascard con i frutti, i nomi e i numeri.