Com’è bella la neve vero? Noi non vediamo l’ora d’iniziare la nostra settimana bianca nel frattempo fantastichiamo su di essa cantando in inglese.

Snow is falling from the sky,

Turning round like in the dance,

Landing on the nose of mine,

Melting on the skin at once.


It’s a lovely Christmas tree

Whitened with some fluffy snow.

I just have a little dream

To take this beauty to my home.


Everyone will jump with joy,

Singing around the big green tree,

And I’ll give you a Christmas toy

If you give a kiss to me.


You and me will dance all night

Cheek to cheek, and hand in hand.

Hearts are warm and eyes are bright,

Let this party have no end.


Christmas is a real dream

Santa visits our place,

Brings us presents and ice-cream,

Smiles shine on every face.


Let the people of the world

Stop the wars and any fight,

Thank the Virgin and the Lord,

In the way we do tonight.


Peace and love will come to Earth

That’s for what we all should pray,

In the day of Jesus’ birth

War and hatred stay away.