The happy family



Vi ho già detto che mi sto’ divertendo con le App gratutite in inglese per bambini, molto successo sta’ avendo Storybook che appunto racconta storie illustrate in inglese, così ho pensato di proporvele. La prima è: The happy family.

Once there lived a snail couple in the woods. They were in search of a pretty snail bride for their only son. The buzzing flies in the forest came to them and said, “There is a beautiful snail, who lives just ten minutes flying distance from here! She will be good for your son!”

The snails agreed and told the girl to visit them. The pretty snail took only eight days to reach them and they were very happy that she was this fast. Their son liked her too. The bees made the wedding cake and the fireflies made the lights. The ants were the bridesmaids. There was lots of rejoicing and merrymaking and the snails were married.

The snail family was finally complete and they lived together happily ever after.