Ampliamo ancora una volta il nostro repertorio di canzoni di Natale in inglese con un brano che ci porta al significato religioso e non solo di questa festa.

E’ nato un bambino! Il Natale oltre a tutti i significati che porta con sé simbolicamente si riassume nella nascita di una nuova vita, un bambino indifeso e pieno di speranze, come il testo di questa canzone.



A child this day is born,
A child of high renown,
Most worthy of a scepter,
A scepter and a crown:

Noel, Noel, Noel,
Noel, sing all we may,
Because the King of all kings
Was born this blessed day.

These tidings shepherds heard,
In field watching their fold,
Were by an angel unto them
That night revealed and told:

To whom the angel spoke,
Saying, “Be not afraid;
Be glad, poor silly shepheards–
Why are you so dismayed?”

“For lo! I bring you tidings
Of gladness and of mirth,
Which cometh to all people by
This holy infant’s birth.”

Then was there with the angel
An host incontinent
Of heavenly bright soldiers,
Which from the Highest was sent:

Lauding the Lord our God,
And His celestial King;
All glory be in Paradise,
This heavenly host did sing:

And as the angel told them,
So to them did appear;
They found the young Child,
Jesus Christ,
With Mary, His Mother dear