10 Barzellette in inglese per bambini

Entriamo in clima Carnevale con tanta voglia di risate e divertimento. Conoscete barzellette in inglese per bambini? Se troviamo testi non complicati che riescano a essere compresi velocemente, il divertimento sarà assicurato. Eccone alcuni.

L’umorismo inglese è famoso per le sue freddure e spesso non riusciamo a tradurle in italiano, ma in alcune barzellette per bambini troviamo giochi di parole abbastanza semplici anche per chi sta imparando la lingua inglese da poco.

Teacher: «How can we get some clean water?»

Student: «Bring the water from the river and wash it!».


Teacher: “Jack, what do you know about the Dead Sea?”

Jack: “I didn’t even know it was ill”


Mom: You have been fighting again, Kevin! You have lost two of your front teeth!

Kevin: I haven’t lost them, Mum, I have got them in my pocket!


Do Apes kiss?

Yes, but never on the first date!


Teacher: “Clara please point to America on the map.”

Clara: “This is it.”

Teacher: “Well done. Now class, who found America?”

Class: “Clara did.”


Teacher: «Today, we’re going to talk about the tenses. Now, if I say “I am beautiful,” which tense is it?»

Student: «Obviously it is the past tense».


Julia: Sir, should anyone be punished for something he hasn’t done?

Teacher: No, of course not!

Julia: Good, because I haven’t done my homework!


Teacher: Where are you from, Jane?

Jane: From Scotland.

Teacher: What part?

Jane: All of me!


A: How do you like school?

B: Closed!


A little boy asks his father, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” His father replies, “I don’t know, son. I’M STILL PAYING FOR IT!”